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Saldanha Drags Nov 2015

And just like that, it’s all over. Months of planning, preparation, blood sweat and tears over in one spectacular display of tyre smoke and screaming fans.  It is safe to say that based on all of the positive feedback via social media that Saldanha Drags was well received. That is hugely due to the support we receive from our sponsors and loyal fans. Thank you Monster Enery, Speed and Sound, Cpi Tuning, Dynotech, SRD, Pertamina and RaceSA for all for your on-going support.

As we approached the weekend we knew that we were going to have some pretty quick cars on track. Quick cars from competitors who have improved their machines since previous drags, and from new competitors…we got so much more than we bargained for.

If you follow drag racing there is no doubt that you already know what I am about to tell you, but I will tell you anyway.  For years the track record stood at 285km/h. Every event drivers try their utmost to take it down only to go home defeated. This year the “Storm from the North” rolling with RaceSA were having none of it. The first driver to tear into the record was Logan Naicker in his Alpha 12 Nissan GTR R35 with a top speed of 319.1 km/h over 800m. It did not take long for Stelios to take to the track and just obliterate the newly set track record with a neck breaking run of 323km/h flat in his Alpha 16 GTR R35. It seems that the day belonged to the Nissans. 3rd place on the day goes to B. Moodley with an 800m speed of 290.2 km/h.

Then there are the two wheeled machines of mayhem. The bar was set high over the Easter drags by Garion Slamet who posted a top speed of 308km/h. Unfortunately, regardless of all their efforts, the riders were just unable to get close to it. Even Garion himself never managed to better his previous speed but it was not for a lack of trying. The riders drove their machines to the limit and really gave the crowds some incredible runs. In the end it was S. Arends in his Suzuki who in the late afternoon posted a top end speed of 298.5 km/h. 2nd place was taken by G. Slamet with a top speed of 290.9km/h. In 3rd place we have A. Israel with a speed of 290.5 km/h.
West Coast Racing would like to thank all the sponsors, drivers, riders, staff and fans who make Saldanha Drags the biggest drag racing event in South Africa.  We are already preparing for the next one.

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Saldanha 7 Nov 2015

Yours in racing.

West Coast Racing