Joburg Autotech mk1

293.7km/h mk1 Golf invading Saldanha Drags

We always knew that the North had some pretty quick cars. In the past some of these cars and drivers have come down to the fair Cape and caused havoc on our shores. It’s happening again.

Joburg Autotech mk1

Some of us have seen it with our own eyes. Others have watched the videos while some of us have only heard about this Legendary 293.7 kph Boosted MK1 Golf and it’s fearless pilot Tahir.
Rumors have been floating around and the word on the streets is…he is coming to invade Saldanha Drags. We catch up with Tahir and ask him a few probing questions.

WCR: Tahir thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. The last time we saw Shaid Essop pilot this car was at the RaceSA event down at ODI. If memory serves he did a 293.7km/h pass down the 1km strip. During this run your wheels were still spinning as he crossed the trap at 1000m and rip up the wires? Is this true…because if it is it is absolutely insane.

Tahir:  Thank you for the opportunity. At the RaceSA event our best 1km speed was 293.7km/h ,the car was wheel spinning a lot but the lines were not damaged by us.

WCR: We of all people understand that at this level of racing you never fully lift up your skirt at the risk of letting other competitors know the finely tuned secrets of your machine. Maybe you can just give the fans a little insight about the history and build of the mk1.

Tahir: The mk1 started off as a humble 1.4i with full exhaust. We then replaced the engine with a 2.0 16v pump fuel turbo motor which made 380bhp and ran a speed of 238km/h on the 800m. From there on the bug  bit us and we just wanted to go faster. After discussions with our team Joburg Auto Tech we decided to try and achieve 300km/h in a mk1. The engine was rebuilt with custom cams and a garret gtx 35 tubo, the rest will remain a secret, currently it makes 724bhp

WCR: Those are incredible power figures. There is no doubt that this is an awesome machine which takes serious balls to drive. What is the highest recorded speed you have ever attained with the Golf and can you give us a prediction of what speed you may reach at Saldanha?

Tahir: Highest speed attained was 293.7km/h. With regards to Saldanha we got no clue as it’s our 1st event there. However from fellow race buddies we heard that the boost climbs due to altitude, we hope we can get sufficient traction ,if we run anything between 275 and 285km/h we will be happy.

WCR: Tahir once again thank you for chatting to us. I know the Cape Town crowd cannot wait to see you in action and we look forward to seeing you on the 7th November at Saldanha Drags.

Tahir:  My pleasure. We are looking forward to Saldanha as well ,and just a shout out to our team Joburg Auto Tech [Ali,,Shahid,Bailoo ,Mark ,TERRANCE,AZZY ,Dino] thanks for all the hardwork without you guys this would not be possible.