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Saldanha Drags Imrovements

North VS South

Over the years we have done our utmost to make Saldanha Drags better every single time. We have listened to the drivers and the fans. Where possible we always do what we are able with a limited budget and within the realms of safety, safety meaning the rules we have to abide by as set down by the municipality. We have added more toilets. We have added Armco on the side of the track to protect the crowds. We have banned alcohol through the gates and even went to huge expense by hiring lighting to introduce night time racing to keep the hard-core petrol heads entertained on the Friday evening.

We have listened to the real supporters and racers who have voiced their opinions politely and professionally and are making a few more improvements for Saldanha Drags November 2015. We have a lot more to do but as they say, Rome was not built in a day.

This time around we have allocated a larger pit area for all the drivers and riders who will be competing at Saldanha Drags. This should ease up congestion in the pit area as long as everyone involved obeys the rules and only registered vehicles enter the pits. We will be very strict this time around and anyone without the proper access will be asked to vacate the area by security.

We have also increased the amount of spots allocated to drivers so the fans can expect a lot more racing and a larger variety of cars on the day.

Usually we start racing at around 10am and this is preceded by a parade lap. Racing will now start earlier with a drivers briefing at 8am sharp and racing kicking off at around 8:30am. We have opted to do away with the customary parade lap and jump straight onto racing which, in the end, is why we are all here.

During the breaks where cars and bikes do a return run to the pit area we will keep the crowd entertained with giveaways to keep the action and energy going.

In the past the prizegiving would be held on a different day at a venue in the city. This time around we will have the prize-giving on the day once all the racing is done so that the spectators have a chance to cheer and celebrate with their favorite drivers and riders.

Like I said, we still have a lot to improve on and we do what we are able to every year. With your support Saldanha Drags is able to give back to its various charitable organizations. To all of those who have provided constructive criticism along the way, thank you. We appreciate all of the advice and look forward to implementing useful changes which will continually grow the sport of Drag Racing that we all love so much.

Yours in Racing

West Coast Racing.