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Saldanha Drags November 2014 Official Press Release

Saldanha Drags November 2014 Official Press Release
What’s that they say when things are about to get raucous? “Kick the tyres and light the fires.” I think that’s about right and perfectly sets the tone for this years 2nd installment of Saldanha Drags.

Saldanha Drags, organized and hosted by West Coast Racing with the aim of raising funds for various charity organizations is the ultimate 800m drag racing event in the Western Cape. Drivers come from all over South Africa to claim the crown as King of Saldanha. At Saldanha Drags the drivers and riders do not chase time. Instead they push their high powered machines to the absolute limit to see just who can reach the highest speed over a distance of 800m. This year is shaping up to be the best one ever. The event has been running successfully for ten years. Over that time Saldanha Drags has seen a lot of improvements and this one in particular has a few brand new elements thrown into the mix. With sponsors like Pertamina Lubricants, CPI Performance Tuning, Monster Energy and Speed and Sound Magazine you just know this one is going to be off the chain.

For the first time ever we will be hosting “Outlaw” styled quarter mile, (400m) drags on the Friday evening. This will be street style racing with no lights and no timing system. It is heads up which means the first car over the line wins. This is purely for fun giving those who are unable to compete in the 800m a chance to race their cars on the strip.

The racers who attend Saldanha Drags really are a great group of guys. The event has many regulars who try their best to attend each and every event. There are however are a few racers to keep an eye out for though. If we look back to the last event which happened over Easter, the some of the fastest cars were some proper drag racing machines built specifically for 800m drags. The winner at over the Easter drags was none other than Zain Ryland who laid down a top speed of 275.8 km/h in his Ford Sierra XR8 twin turbo. Zain has snagged top spot at more Saldanha Drags than any other driver. Close on his heels is Schalk in his Toyota who at the last event did a 270.8 km/h. Schalk also holds the ultimate record of 284 km/h which Zain in turn will be chasing. Then there is Shaheen Barmania aka “Suspect” in his Chevrolet Lumina who slaughtered the tarmac with a top speed of 273.0 km/h. As I write this I know for a fact that his gearbox is currently laying outside his car being prepared for the drags. Then there is a newcomer to the drags. Ralph Kumbier is no stranger to drag racing and regularly takes his Twin Turbo Chevrolet Firenza up north to race. Easter was the first time Ralph brought the monster down to Saldanha Drags. Being plagued with boost issues throughout the day Ralph was forced to turn down the boost and on his final run he made it stick with a top speed of 267.5 km/h.
Then we have the two wheeled beasts. The motorbike guys reach some insane speed down the 800m strip. The speed to beat is one set by Achmat Israel on his Suzuki. He has the record of 301.6 km/h. Hot on his trail is Garion Slamet also riding a Suzuki who has previously clocked a top speed of 301.1km/h. Also keep an eye out for Sharief on his Kawasaki who blazed down the black stuff with a top speed of 284.6km/h.
These may be the guys who are on top at the moment but do not for a second think that they are “safe”. With roughly 180 racers registered for the event each and every single one of them have their eye on the prize and will be out for blood. No one is safe and top speeds are there to be broken.

As I mentioned Saldanha Drags November 2014 is going to be one for the books. This is truly a motorsport event that the whole family can enjoy so take the trip down to Saldanha and bring the kids along. The event has everything from a comfortable food court to a beer tent for the gents who would like to responsibly enjoy a chilled beverage. Safety is always a key factor and we will have security and police present around the clock. We look forward to seeing you there. Full details on the event are just below.

Saldanha Drags.

Date: 28th /29th November 2014
Venue: Saldanha Airstrip
Gates open 5pm Friday 28th November 2014
Entry fee: R100.00.( This covers you for both days)Children under 12 years old enter free.
Strictly no alcohol allowed through the gates.
Friday night drags start at 8pm until 12pm
Main event starts 9am Saturday 29th November 2014
Official Hashtag is #rideforglory

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