Saldanha 2015 poster 2 small

Saldanha Drags April 2015

    NEWS FLASH!!! Saldanha Drags is confirmed. That’s right. on the 3rd and 4th of April 2015 South Africa’s premier 800m drag racing event is jumping off at Saldaha Airfield. As always Saldanha Drags is hosted by West Coast Racing. Every year gets bigger and better. The question on everyone’s minds though is whether […]

Crowd for post mortem

Saldanha Drags thanks you.

As we finally wind down and reminisce on the event gone by called SALDANHA DRAGS, we would like to start by thanking all who attended and made it worthwhile. Hosting such an event  is really only rewarded by the attendance of you the spectator and you the competitor. This we appreciate sincerely. The event went […]